In ancient Hebrew the word for "sister" means "Protector that Bonds and Impresses". It is pronounced as "ACHOT" (ah-chote). We, at B’nai Israel Sisterhood, are a modern day group of “ACHIYOT” (ah-chee-yote). Our bond through B’nai Israel inspires us to grow together to support our mutual love of Judaism, our desire to support each other and our need to grow as a family.

We, the women of B’nai Israel come together in friendship to provide activities that benefit the congregation and the community as well as enhance individual growth in a Jewish atmosphere.

Within the past few years we have held events discussing our past, our relationships with our mothers and our relationship with characters from fiction and non-fiction books. Our discussions have brought joy and tears, and have reminded us how important our past is to our present and our future.
We hope that you will be part of Sisterhood as we continue to support B’nai Israel, its community and each other. Our Sisterhood is also aware of the fact that we have global sisters who share many of the same beliefs as we do. In support of them, each member of our Sisterhood is also a member of Women of Reform Judaism, WRJ, which supports and empowers women worldwide.

Sisterhood is looking towards a future full of learning, sharing and fun. We are happily looking forward towards several book groups, an evening of wine and spirit tasting, the sponsoring of B’nai Israel’s community Break Fast, the beginning of the Chai Mitzvah program which will take us on a 9-month journey as we discover ourselves and our connection to Judaism, our Sisterhood Shabbat, a work-shop based on looking good and feeling good, a pre-Chanukah brunch, a book sale, the sharing of Mishloach Manot, a chocolate Seder, a Cinco de Mah Jongg event. Other events are being planned as well.

To all of our sisters around the world - ‘Chazak v’amatz’, be strong and of good courage - Let’s support each other so that we, in turn, can support them. 

Michelle Rosen, President

email: bnaisisters@gmail.com 

find us on facebook at bnai israel sisterhood