Our Leadership

Rabbi Eric Polokoff

Rabbi Eric Polokoff is B’nai Israel’s founding rabbi, serving the congregation since 1997. He gives great attention to his roles as a speaker, pastor, teacher and community leader. His sermons appear in national publications and his interests and activities begin locally and extend beyond our community, including Moderator of the Southbury Clergy Association  - Executive Committee of CT ADL and ADL Associate National Commissioner.  Rabbi Eric lives in Southbury with his wife; they have two adult children.  Contact Rabbi Eric at:  rabbi@bnaiisraelsouthbury.org  

Linda Goodman, Music Director

As music director for B'nai Israel, she collaborates with a  talented group of singers and musicians. Our goal is to enhance the spiritual life of B'nai Israel's congregants by integrating music throughout the many facets of temple life; worship, times of joy, times of sadness, milestone events, and educational activities. Contact Linda  at 203.267.3394 ext. 303 or music@bnaiisraelsouthbury.org

Abby Peklo, Director of Education

Abby Peklo was delighted to be named Education Director in August 2016.  She has extensive experience teaching at B’nai Israel Religious School.  She is passionate about teaching the contemporary Jewish American experience, the history of Jewish immigration, Holocaust studies, the founding of modern Israel, Jewish values and environmentalism.  Contact Abby at 203.267.3396 or


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 We pride ourselves on being a warm, sensitive and welcoming community with a diverse population. Our membership includes Jews by birth and Jews by choice. We invite you to be an active part of our community as we join together to continue our rich heritage rooted in Torah, God and the 

People of Israel.      

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2017-2018 Board


Doug Fuchs, President   

Lisa Segal, 1st V.P. 

Steven Reps, 2nd V.P. 

Phil Feinman, Treasurer 

Patti Berkowitz, Secretary   


David Augenbraun, Joseph Hochheiser,  

Jonathan Kapstein, Sheri Kipperman,  Gerry Klein, Beth Rosen, Michelle Rosen,  Len Ross, 

Pauline Zimmerman    

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